Friday, April 28, 2006

Star power?

George Clooney and Barack Obama think that the White House might be willing to get tough on Khartoum over Darfur but that they just need some domestic encouragement.
David Adams in today’s Irish Times (subscription required) is sure what he doesn’t want but can’t specify what he does want.
A way has to be found where the UN can intervene to prevent conflict and protect the sovereign rights of hapless individuals. (Indicating a greater willingness to do so would be a start.) But invasion and war, even if logistically possible, are not the answer.

There might not be any options that haven’t been tried before so why not examine the precedents of UN troops entering hotspots with good intentions? They include;

-Mogadishu, Somalia circa 1993
-Srebrenica, Bosnia circa 1995
-Sierra Leone circa 1999

Khartoum doesn't want western troops on the ground and the African Union force (Nigerian and Rwandan troops) which is already there is roundly deemed inadequate. So there aren’t any easy solutions but here is one quite bizarre suggestion. My last post on Darfur giving the current situation is here.
One certainty is the aid agencies could do with more help.


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