Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The word from inside the corridors of power

Newly named Irish World Humanitarian, John O’Shea, has recently met with Kofi Annan and gives an overview of the inadequate international response to Darfur. Mr O’Shea assesses the depressing reality of the UN Security Council-
Despite the US using its presidency at the UN Security Council last month to push through a resolution setting out the size and terms of such a UN force for Darfur, support for a resolution was found wanting at the top table of the Security Council. And the reason is obvious. Any Security Council resolution to authorise a force is likely to be blocked as permanent members of the council continue to put their own perceived interests - commercial, diplomatic and political - ahead of the humanitarian needs of Darfur’s millions.

China's veto which looms large at the UN has said it will kill any resolution threatening sanctions on Khartoum. It is the largest customer for Sudan's rapidly-growing oil exports as well as being a major investor in the petroleum industry there. Russia is also a significant exporter of arms to Sudan - a lucrative market which has thrived under the arms embargoes imposed by the US and the EU.

On a brighter GOAL-related note, GOAL’s Venetian Masked Ball will be held on Friday 21st April, 2006 in Dublin, anyone familiar with GOAL balls or Venetian Carnival will agree it promises to be a wonderful event


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