Thursday, March 16, 2006

Is this the first serious contender for invention of the Century?

DEKA Research was founded in 1982 by Dean Kamen.
It makes a lot of seriously useful applications.
The last thing Dean Kamen invented was the Segway, that funny gravity defying two-wheel scooter thingy. His latest work looks to be a lot less frivolous.

The Slingshot, a machine the size of washing machine, combines an electricity generator which burns anything to produce a constant kilowatt of energy and a water purifier which can take even sewage and produce 1000 litres of clean water per day.
As the man says – ‘Eighty percent of all the diseases you could name would be wiped out if you just gave people clean water’. Their plan for distribution looks state of the art. It is still an expense prototype so that is probably why it is little more than rumour at the moment.


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