Thursday, March 30, 2006

A Good Call?

Batman had one and after the Cuban Missile Crisis the White House and the Kremlin got one. Would you want a Red Telephone?
Yesterday we passed the mildly surprising milestone of having more active mobile phones in Ireland than people.
This coincided nicely with the news that the EU will order mobile companies to stop charging extortionate rates on roaming calls within Europe. A closer look at the Irish market shows that it is much more profitable for operators than comparable EU countries because we love our mobiles.

So people love their mobiles but they probably don’t love their mobile operators right now. This seems like the perfect fit for the Red Brand and rumour has it they are looking into working with mobile operators to try to offer a Red Phone similar to the Red Card from American Express.
I wouldn't be surprised if the operators jump at the invitation to tap into the niche market of offering consumers such a service. Further down along the line we can look at how much good all of this actually does but right now I’m just interested in seeing how this experiment in the fusion of consumer marketing and giving turns out. Next month will see the launch Emporio Armani (RED), and Converse (RED) in the UK.

Maybe someone could get on the blower to Bono and tell him to launch it here?


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