Thursday, March 23, 2006

ExxonMobil-Phoney? Big-Oil makes blood boil

Sometimes corporations start good initiatives and sometimes they pay lip service to buy PR. Sometimes they are the victims of unjust smear campaigns and sometimes it is fully deserved.
Here is a case where it just doesn’t look good for ExxonMobil -
Public Interest Watch, a nonprofit watchdog group that receives donations from Exxon Mobil, urged the Internal Revenue Service two years ago to audit Greenpeace, an environmental group that has been a longtime critic of the oil company, reports The Wall Street Journal. what was that about receiving donations...?
The tax filing for Public Interest Watch shows a donation of $120,000 from the oil company, the vast majority of the group’s total donations of $124,094.

Some explaining to do…?
A spokesman for Exxon said that the company had given money to the watchdog group, but that he wasn’t aware of the audit and that the company played no role in initiating the request.

Greenpeace was notified by the IRS this month that the charity still qualifies for tax exemption.

There is no doubt that Greenpeace and Exxon have a long history and sometimes what is called philanthropy is quite self serving but this looks like a case of ‘when buying PR goes wrong’.



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